Aims & Objectives

  1. To promote Revised National Control Programme in India and to assist formulate strategies which are socially acceptable and economically feasible in order to assist and strengthen the programme.
  2. To supervise & strengthen Revised National Tuberculosis Programme in the State of Delhi as State TB Training and Demonstration Centre.
  3. To provide facilities for training, teaching and research activities to fulfill these objectives.
  4. To provide outpatient facility for diagnosis, control, treatment of tuberculosis and to augment IEC activities in order to strengthen preventive aspect by educating the masses.


  1. Undertake, aid, promote, guide and co-ordinate research activities in the various aspects of Tuberculosis and allied diseases including basic, epidemiological, clinical and operational research.
  2. Organize training activities for various health workers/personnel involved in the control and management of tuberculosis.
  3. Exchange information with other institutions, associations and societies interested in the same objects.
  4. Prepare, print and publish papers or periodicals in furtherance of the objects of the Institute and to contribute to any such periodicals.
  5. Monitoring & supervision of the performance of the Revised National TB Control Programme in the state of Delhi.
  6. Supervise external quality assurance of sputum microscopy services of laboratory activities in the State of Delhi.
  7. To supervise and augment IEC activities in the State of Delhi.
  8. Provide culture and DST facilities and also newer diagnostic tools to diagnose MDR TB for the cases belong to Delhi state