Epidemiology section

Epidemiology section is one of the departments of New Delhi Tuberculosis centre

A number of research projects in the past have been carried out which are as follows:

1.   1955-57 ICMR project to estimate the prevalence of Tuberculosis in community in India.

2.   Since 1950, eight longitudinal surveys were carried out in the area of Old Delhi to evaluate the trend of Tuberculosis and  epidemiological impact of the Tb programme.

3.   Organized home treatment concept later incorporated in NTP as domiciliary treatment in TB.

4.   Part of multi centric short course chemotherapy trials.

5.   Prevalence of initial and acquired drug resistance in Delhi and north India.

6.   Estimation of ARTI in north zone of India.

7.   One of the achievements of the section is that during the year 2009-10, staff of the section was actively involved in conducting national level ARTI studies.

8.   Operation research on RNTCP like

  • Reasons for initial default
  • Reasons for getting tuberculin testing
  • Radiological examination before contacting RNTCP
  • Utilization of RNTCP in RNTCP areas

Presently the department is involved in various activities which are undertaken from time to time. The section provides various facilities like medical check-up of employees from organizations like embassies, national zoological park etc.