Mycobacteriological Section

New Delhi TB Centre’s laboratory functions as reference laboratory where mycobacterial culture and Drug sensitivity are performed in routine for samples being sent from various Govt. organization as well as from private practitioners of Delhi. Patients from all parts of Northern India come here to avail the laboratory facilities due to its reputation of best diagnosis in the field. To maintain constant quality services, the laboratory undergoes regular rounds of proficiency testing in collaboration with National Institute of Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases as per RNTCP guidelines.

Quality of the sputum examination is most important element on which the success of the Revised National Tuberculosis Program depends. Ensuring the quality assurance of sputum microscopy in Delhi state is the responsibility entrusted to the NDTBC Laboratory which has been designated as Intermediate Reference Laboratory (IRL) for the Delhi state. An IRL team comprising of microbiologist, one medical officer and one laboratory technician visits each chest clinic at least once a year which also include a visit to randomly selected designated microscopy centres. This is essentially a checklist based evaluation of facilities and procedures of microscopy activities to evaluate and give the feedback as well as recommendations for improvement of the work.

The laboratory is equipped with state of art facilities. It has a fully functional BSL3 laboratory and in addition to the conventional tests (LJ Culture) diagnosis is also performed using newer methods like line probe assay (LPA) and liquid culture. The laboratory has recently started doing drug susceptibility testing against second line anti tuberculosis drugs at base line for all newly diagnosed MDR patients.

Gene xpert is currently being used to provide diagnostic facilities to patients from public as well as private sector. Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) has recently been added to the laboratory facility.