Training Section

Training section is one of the departments of New Delhi Tuberculosis centre. Managing training section is one of the major responsibilities of Epidemiology section. Responsibility of the section is to arrange, conduct/facilitate trainings round the year for various health personnel. Institute is actively involved in training of various medical and paramedical personnel who visit from Delhi as well as other states. In the past, several trainings have successfully been conducted at the Centre. These trainings are conducted for doctors and paramedical staff like DOT providers, Lab Supervisors, Treatment Supervisors, Laboratory Technicians and Data Entry Operators. These training are being conducted by the staff of NDTB as well as by the State TB Cell. Training is also imparted to various nursing staff from Delhi as well as other states. Some of the colleges from where students regularly visit are Lady Reading Health School, Ahilayabai College of Nursing, Safdarjung Hospital, Rajkumari Amrit Kaur College of Nursing etc.

Since 2017, the section is involved conducting ECHO clinics. ECHO is a web based video conference platform which is being used in Delhi by all chest clinics including the state TB cell. During these clinics DTO’s from all chest clinics get connected via video conference and discuss various aspects of TB programme like case presentations/recent updates etc. This activity has been highly successfull in the last one year. Every week ECHO clinics are held. All sections of the NDTB centre including the Epidemiology section are involved in facilitating/conducting the clinic from time to time.