List of projects undertaken during last 10 years by NDTB Centre :


1.           A pilot study using an electronic TB case management system (TBTMS).


2.           A new paradigm of partnership in TB control through involvement of pharmacists.

3.          A study on assessment of reasons of initial default under Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme in Delhi .


4.          Validation of a sample test based on formation of cords for diagnosis of M. Tuberculosis.


5.          Effectiveness of LED-based florescence microscopy for detection of tuberculosis.


6.          “Repeat Zonal Level Tuberculin Survey for estimating annual risk of Tuberculosis infection in North Zone”.


7.          Rapid screening of Ofloxacin resistance among MDR (TB) suspects by molecular and solid culture method .


8.          Assessment of barrier for utilization of RNTCP services in an urban slum of Delhi – a community based study.


9.          Accelerating access to quality TB diagnosis for pediatric cases in 4 major cities in India.


10.       Evaluation of the Efficacy and Safety of a Combination regimen of Bedaquiline, Dlamanid, Linezolid and Clofazimine in Adults with Preextensive (Pre-XDR) and Extensively Drug-resistant Pulmonary Tuberculosis (XDR-TB): Prospective Cohort Study.


11.       STREAM (The evaluation of a Standard Treatment Regimen of Anti-tuberculosis Drugs for Patients with MDR- TB)


12.       National TB Prevalence Survey


13.       Effect of counselling intervention on outcome among MDR TB patients in Delhi.


14.       Mapping of Anti mycobacterial drug resistant hotspots under Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme (NTEP) in Delhi state.


15.       Framework for TB care in prisons in New Delhi.


16.       Active Case Finding Campaign of Tuberculosis among People who inject drugs in New Delhi.


17.       Study of the  yield of Mycobacterium tuberculosis by molecular diagnostics in individual respiratory specimens in children.


18.       Prevalence, risk factors and laboratory diagnosis of non tuberculosis mycobacterial (NTM) disease; a multicentre study.


19.       Active Case finding in Night shelters under SPYM.


20.       Active TB cases finding in female sex workers.


21.       Screening of Health Care Workers in Delhi – NTEP.


22.       Delhi State warm line TB expert.


23.       Contact tracing of TB cases attending NDTB Centre DOT Centre.


24.       Active case finding among inmates of slum areas in Delhi with help of mobile van.


25.       Correlation of radiological assessment and microbiological status among TB cases.      


26.       A multicentre study of diagnostic accuracy and feasibility of the X pert Ultra for detection of TB and Rifampicin resistance in adults suspected of having pulmonary TB.


27.       Accelerating TB Notification from the private health sector in Delhi, India


28.       To evaluate the impact of SMS on TB treatment adherence in newly diagnosed TB patients enrolled under RNTCP.


Thesis - Undergoing

1.         Utility of stool cartridge based nucleic acid amplification test in diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis in children.

2.         Urogenital tuberculosis in married females with recurrent urinary tract infection.

3.         Role of cartridge based nucleic acid amplification test (CBNAAT) in the rapid diagnosis of cutaneous tuberculosis and detection of rifampicin resistance.

4.         A study of Clinico – Social profile and risk factors associated with TB in household contacts of Drug resistant pulmonary TB patients through clinical, microbiological and radiological assessment.


5.         A prospective comparative study of clinic radiological features amongst non geriatric adult and geriatric adult patients with microbiologically confirmed drug sensitive pulmonary tuberculosis in a tertiary care hospital.